By virtue of the nature of the work, welding from the rope represents the method of performing the welding process in a spatially limited and inaccessible work environment using high quality professional equipment for height works, according to the specific requirements of the clients.

Unlike the conventional welding method whose preparatory actions require high implementation costs with the involvement of a larger number of perpetrators, the welding system provides significant advantages. Some of them are the possibility of working in all welding positions, a great supply of additional materials for welding, reparative welding and good mechanical properties of the welded joint. Works from an industrial rope represent an economical and efficient alternative to traditional methods of work at altitude, such as working from scaffolding and require a minimum working space.

FIMS has international IWE (International Welding Engineer) capable and ready to solve the most complex requirements set by the domestic and international market.

Welding methods used:

  • Mig
  • Mag
  • Tig
  • REL
  • Gaseous cutting

Mig and Mag are welding techniques used for welding steel structures, pressure vessels and pipelines. The advantages of these methods are high speed welding, simple training of welders and the applicability of this method in multiple welding positions.

Tig welding can be carried out using rope access techniques when it is necessary to install a gas or fuel pipeline for the needs of clients. Tig welding from the rope is most difficult to master because the worker uses both hands while working. Also, the quality of the welded joint must be in accordance with the highest standards.

REL 111 is the most efficient type of welding because its application provides good mechanical properties of welded joints on steel elements and pipelines. Another great advantage of this type of welding is its mobility, or portability. After all, the biggest advantage of this welding approach is that it allows easier access to hard-to-reach locations.

We would especially like to point out that in our team we have trained people for performing Cut Cutting, who are also Rope Access trainers.