The painting process itself is a multiphase cycle of preparation of the subject of work as well as the painting itself according to the clearly defined endpoint. In order to achieve top-notch results, each phase of the work must be strictly and uncompromisingly respected in order to obtain the desired end-effect. Our team includes experienced and professional painters and inspectors who possess international certificates for inspection and quality checking of works on painting and preparatory works. Thus we maintain the highest standard and provide high quality on the domestic and world market.

In the most challenging business ventures, such as the organization of jobs and tasks on oil platforms, we allow the execution of jobs in difficult accessible locations, where the use of traditional methods of work would be difficult to access.

With great experience in working with various types of coatings obtained on numerous projects, we are able to successfully respond to all clients’ demands. We are proud of the business solutions that are adapted to the needs of our clients as a result of a professional approach to the demanding market. Over 15,000 hours of work without accidents and negative environmental impacts guarantees a safe and high quality work process.