Blasting is a process by which the abrasive material and / or water under high pressure smooth surfaces are rough or rough surface becomes smooth. Also, this procedure is used to remove impurities and corrosion from the desired surface.

The specialty of our company is reflected in finding the most efficient solution according to customer requirements using rope-based techniques. This system of work itself excludes the use of bulky and costly construction of scaffolding and auxiliary machinery, which increases the labor costs and the time necessary for carrying out the preparatory actions itself, which is a great advantage. FIMS offers its clients safe, efficient and economical solutions in the shortest possible time without hindering and stopping the work process.

During all these years, FIMS has successfully performed sandblasting operations on oil platforms, tankers, silos and constructions of various materials.

Blasting methods used:

  • Water-sand blasting
  • Dry sandblasting
  • Removing corrosive and similar high pressure water jets (UHPWJ – Ultra High Pressure Water Jet)