Courts under pressure

These courts are composed of:

– Carbon steel, and if necessary, can be coated with anti-corrosion protection both from the outside and from the inside;
– stainless steel.
They are used to store substances under pressure greater than 1 bar and volume up to 200 m3. The thickness of the walls can be up to 40 mm, up to 4000 mm in diameter, in accordance with the needs of the customer and general requirements.
Depending on the substance stored in them, pressure vessels can have thermal insulation on the outside.
Application of welding steps such as manual welding of REL, MIG / MAG welding, TIG welding and arc welding under protection powder – EPP, and according to the technical and technological capacities of the equipment, FIMS d.o.o. It offers pressure vessels that meet all international standards.
From a wide range of our products, we highlight the following:

• Underground tanks for LPG, volume V = 1.0-200 [m3], with a pressure of 16.7 bar
• Above ground reservoirs for LPG, volume V = 1.0-200 [m3], with a pressure of 16.7 bar
• Tanks for liquid CO2, volumes V = 1-100 [m3], at a pressure of 25 bar
• O2 gas tanks, volume V = 5-30 [m3], with a pressure of 26 bar
• Reservoirs for NH3, volume V = 50-30 [m3] with a pressure of 22.5 bar
• Tanks with compressed air volume V = 100 l – 25 [m3] and pressures of 6-60 bar
• Expansion vessels under pressure, volume V = 0.80 – 20m3
• Pressurized expansion vessels can be closed and membrane, volumes V = 8 – 1000 l
• Hydrophoric volume V = 90 – 300 l
• Vessels for compressed low-temperature substances, volumes V = 1 – 20 [m3], where the working pressure is adjusted to the needs of the customer.